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Cooking Techniques

There are a few simple techniques that we'll walk you through so you can see how easy this great food is to prepare.

  1. Draining
  2. Freeze & Squeeze
  3. Cutting & Crumbling
  4. Marinating
  5. Cooking
Freeze & Squeeze

When you freeze tofu it changes its consistency and makes it chewier and a bit more dense. You should only freeze the firm or extra firm tofu; other types will not freeze well. Once it's frozen, the color will darken slightly. You can either drain the tofu and freeze it wrapped in plastic wrap or freeze it while it's in the original container, or put it on a cookie sheet once you've drained and cut it.

Thaw your frozen tofu either at room temperature or immerse it in boiling water before you add it to your recipe. You can also thaw the tofu in the microwave or in your refrigerator. The key is to get all the moisture out that you can.

Once drained, simply wrap it up tightly and place it in the freezer until you want to use it.

Once you've taken out the frozen tofu, unwrap it, let it thaw until soft and gently squeeze the block over a sink to press out the remainder of the water.

Another option is to drain the tofu, cut the tofu into slabs and freeze them on a cookie sheet.

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