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Cooking Techniques

There are a few simple techniques that we'll walk you through so you can see how easy this great food is to prepare.

  1. Draining
  2. Freeze & Squeeze
  3. Cutting & Crumbling
  4. Marinating
  5. Cooking
Cutting & Crumbling

Now you're ready to cut the tofu into perfect cooking pieces. Depending on how you plan on cooking the tofu, you can slice it into slabs, dice it into cubes or cut it into strips. Cubing the tofu will allow for the most surface area, so the tofu will retain the most flavor.

Slice the tofu block into ½ inch slabs. Slabs of tofu are good for marinating, baking or grilling.

Once you've cut the tofu into slabs, it's easy to turn them into strips. Strips are good for marinating, stir-frying and sautéing.

Once you've cut the tofu into strips it's easy to dice it into cubes. You can even skip the first draining step in the beginning and drain the tofu once it's in cube form.

Another technique is "crumbling" the firm tofu, best if it has been frozen first. It's a great substitute for chopped meat. Mix into chili seasonings or with other sauces as a filling for a wrap sandwich or fajita.

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