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If you don't find our certified organic sauces on the shelves of your favorite store, please ask for it! Consumer demand is the fastest way for a small company to get its products on the shelves and you just may succeed in getting our great tasting sauces into your favorite store. Click here for a printable request form that you can take to your local store or click here to leave us your e-mail and zip code and we'll get working on it. We really appreciate your help in getting our sauces to you.

Please check out the retailer's website to find a location nearest you.

» Connecticut
   ¤ Zeytinia Gourmet Market - Wilton
   ¤ Village Market - Wilton

» Indiana
   ¤ Kroger - select locations

» Kentucky
   ¤ Kroger - select locations

» Louisiana
   ¤ Robert's Fresh Market & Market Fare

» Minnesota
   ¤ Lunds & Beyerly - Minneapolis

» Ohio
   ¤ Kroger (Cincinnati/Dayton area) - select locations
   ¤ Seven Grains Natural Market - Tallmadge

» Pennsylvania
   ¤ Kroger - select locations

» Tennessee
   ¤ Low Carb Food Center - Madison

Can't find our product in your area?

We'll continue to add more stores where you can find us to this list. Please keep checking back to find a location near you.

In the meantime, if you give us your zip code and e-mail address, we can get enough information together to encourage a store in your area to carry our products. Once we get it on the shelves we'll be happy to send you a quick e-mail to let you know where you can purchase our delicious sauces.

E-mail Address:
Zip Code:

We will not share your specific information.
It is solely for aggregation purposes.

In the meantime, order online and we'll ship some off to you right away. That way you can start enjoying What You Do With Tofu!® as soon as possible.

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